American Indian Student Association (AISA)

AISA Club Rules and Guidelines

Mission Statement: Being unified in the spirit of Indigenous culture, we are changing stereotypes, building self-esteem, fostering cultural enrichment and unity in a culturally diverse environment by developing leadership through teaching, learning and participation.

Purpose:The purpose of the AISA club will be to conduct meetings and activities, which will enhance the attainment of the goal’s set forth in the mission statement.


1. AISA, a school sponsored club, is open to all Indian students interested in acquiring a knowledge of Native American History and Culture.

2. Club members are subject to all rules and regulations as set forth in the School Handbook and the County School Board Policy. Violation of stated rules will be considered grounds for dismissal from the club.

3. All AISA club activities and officers are subject to the approval of the principal.

4. Attendance to meetings and active participation is expected. Meetings will be announced and held monthly.

5. Club officers to be elected will consist of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Sergent of Arms. All club officers will be expected to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner at all times, failure to follow rules will result in removal from office. •School suspension or disciplinary action from school officials is not acceptable.

  • Failure to maintain passing grades. •Failure to maintain good school attendance.
  • 6. Students sent to ISS and OSS may not participate in AISA activities for 30 days.

    7. Any student that misses three or more unexcused day within a 20-day period may not participate in AISA activities for 30 days.

    8. AISA members will participate in a community service project.