LUMBERTON — Several PSRC students were recognized as Classworks® All-Star Winners recently.

Classworks is used by the school district to assist students in achieving academic success.

“Classworks award-winning MTSS and Special Education platform pinpoints learning gaps, delivers math, reading, and language arts instruction at the right level and delivers real-time insight into student progress,” according to the Classworks website.

Students who were in the top 500 students demonstrating 80%+ mastery were given prizes as Classworks All-Star Winners. The time period when students were monitored for the competition was from December 4, 2023 until March 31, 2024, according to Classworks.

“Congratulations to all of the hardworking students who increased their time-on-task and mastery! Special congrats to the 500 students with the highest time-on-task and greater than 80% mastery for the contest period,” a statement on the Classworks website reads in part. “[O]ur data tells us that mastery of 80% and above has the highest impact on student growth according to assessment data.”

In recent years, PSRC students have represented the largest group of winners in the contest.

"The Classworks All-Star Contest has been rewarding students for their hard work in the program for over 10 years and PSRC has had the most student winners for the past three! We're proud of the amazing work demonstrated by Robeson students and teachers as evidenced by the 210 student winners," said Jennifer Treichler, Vice President of Marketing at Classworks.

The following students were identified as Classworks All-Star Winners:

Deep Branch Elementary School

  • William Locklear, 2nd grade

  • Jessa Oxendine, 2nd grade

  • Nihayla Locklear, 2nd grade

  • Greison Carter, 2nd grade

  • Tehyton Locklear Oxendine, 5th grade

East Robeson Primary School

  • Zendaya Davis, 3rd grade

  • Charles Robinson, 3rd grade

  • Benjamin Merritt, 3rd grade

  • Aaliyah Cade, 3rd grade

  • Kameron Lee, 3rd grade

Fairgrove Elementary School 

  • Jacob Rogers, 5th grade

  • Howard Glassman, 5th grade

  • Bryanna Boone, 5th grade

  • ZaMariah Southern, 5th grade

  • Silas Barnes, 4th grade

Fairmont High School

  • Halona Hunt, 10th grade

  • Joshuah Greene, 10th grade

  • Kimberleigh Stevens, 10th grade

  • Swan Frank, 11th grade

  • Khadijah Hunt, 9th grade

Fairmont Middle School

  • Shonda Alford, 7th grade

  • Tifasha Green, 8th grade

  • Zamya McKoy, 6th grade

  • Olivia Dillard, 7th grade

  • Lamaury McLean, 7th grade

L. Gilbert Carroll Middle School

  • Logan Hammonds, 5th grade

  • Amauri Council, 5th grade

  • Meykel Adames Taveras, 5th grade

  • Oliver Greene, 5th grade

  • Kenzli Guidroz, 5th grade

Littlefield Middle School

  • Brandis Strickland, 5th grade

  • Brookes Baffaro, 5th grade

  • Chloe Maxwell, 7th grade

  • Kimari Odom, 5th grade

  • Channing Clark, 5th grade

Long Branch Elementary

  • Layla McLellan, 2nd grade

  • Skylar Shockley, 2nd grade

  • Alivia Thaggard, 2nd grade

  • Ava Barfield, 2nd grade

  • Khloe Mickles,2nd grade

Lumberton High School

  • Taylor Jerald, 10th grade

  • Johana Mauricio Perez, 9th grade

  • Jonathan Ortega Diaz, 10th grade

  • Kayleigh McRae, 10th grade

  • Angel Bravo, 10th grade

Lumberton Jr. High School

  • Ra'mel McPhatter, 6th grade

  • Amiya Codie, 7th grade

  • Efrain Rojas Ortiz, 7th grade

  • Triston Hunt, 7th grade

  • Fernando Ambrocio Mejia, 7th grade

Magnolia Elementary School

  • Chayton Blanks, 5th grade

  • Jeremiah Locklear, Kindergarten

  • Nahlaiyah Hammonds, 8th grade

  • Ruba Alhaj, 6th grade

  • Layla Hammonds, 8th grade

Orrum Middle School

  • Jordan Faulk, 6th grade

  • Kimarion Odum, 5th grade

  • Isaac Hill, 6th grade

  • Kendell Byrd, 6th grade

  • Benjamin Rogers, 7th grade

Oxendine Elementary School

  • Brizlyn Scott, 3rd grade

  • Shanya Locklear, 5th grade

  • Autumn Oxendine, 5th grade

  • Zyanya Hernandez, 3rd grade

  • Starr Strong, 5th grade

Parkton Elementary School

  • Tony Lopez, 2nd grade

  • James Smith, 3rd grade

  • Analuz Gonzalez Sastre, 5th grade

  • Xzavier Sandifer, 5th grade

  • Journey Clark, 2nd grade

Pembroke Elementary School

  • Donovan Adiku, 2nd grade

  • Jaxon Revels, 2nd grade

  • Leighana Dockery, 5th grade

  • Chander Jacobs, 5th grade

  • Hunter Locklear, 2nd grade

Pembroke Middle School

  • Carly Sweat, 7th grade

  • Mahlena Jude, 6th grade

  • Peytton Chmura, 6th grade

  • Brooklyn Dorsey, 7th grade

  • Kaydynce Gardner, 6th grade

Peterson Elementary School

  • Juan Gonzalez, 1st grade

  • Francine Brown, 3rd grade

  • Janiyah Richardson, Kindergarten

  • Ralph Miranda, 1st grade

  • Cayden Richardson, 3rd grade

Piney Grove Elementary

  • Jason Jackson, 4th grade

  • Alexander Scott, 4th grade

  • Joey Locklear, 4th grade

  • Jesse Wiggins, 4th grade

  • Mason Hunt, 4th grade

Prospect Elementary School

  • Destiny Locklear, 7th grade

  • Lakoda Dial, 4th grade

  • Leiathan McKenzie, 7th grade

  • Kaiden Jacobs, 7th grade

  • Madison Oxendine, 7th grade

Purnell Swett High School

  • Nahaven Jones, 9th grade

  • Aleigha Martin, 10th grade

  • Sara Locklear, 10th grade

  • Julian Lowry, 10th grade

  • Braylon White, 9th grade

Red Springs High School

  • Estefany Ordonez Acosta, 9th grade

  • Natalia Leach, 10th grade

  • Daniela Lopez Villasana, 9th grade

  • Alvin Capulin Tixteco, 10th grade

  • Ivanna Jaquelyn Ramirez Hernandez, 9th grade

Red Springs Middle School

  • Dakota Tunstall, 7th grade

  • Kaylana Richardson, 6th grade

  • Zayden McKeithan, 7th grade

  • Andrew Forte, 7th grade

  • Arianna Cruz-Patricio, 5th grade

Rex-Rennert Elementary School

  • Jaylee Locklear, 1st grade

  • Alexis Gomez Antonio, 1st grade

  • Carlos Garibay-Lazaro, 2nd grade

  • Luis Agama, 2nd grade

  • Brian Revels, 1st grade

Rosenwald Elementary School

  • Ayden Jones, 4th grade

  • D'Andre Johnson, 4th grade

  • William Melvin, 4th grade

  • Kaleigh Bethea, 4th grade

  • Mariah Chavis, 4th grade

Rowland-Norment Elementary School

  • Tashaun Patterson, 3rd grade

  • Ivy Graham, 1st grade

  • Jeffery Thornton, 2nd grade

  • Kenley Mills, 3rd grade

  • Suelen Portillo, 1st grade

South Robeson Middle School

  • Austin Molina, 7th grade

  • Bianca Brady, 6th grade

  • Jarim Delgado Arreaga, 6th grade

  • Mahogany Gatlin, 6th grade

  • Trivondrea Donaldson , 7th grade

Southside-Ashpole Elementary School

  • Tylek Brown, 2nd grade

  • Malakiah McDonald, 5th grade

  • BriAsia Brown, 1st grade

  • Vivien Brady, 5th grade

  • Johniyah McLean, 5th grade

St. Pauls Elementary School

  • Ana Rivera Ortiz, 4th grade

  • Sarai Molquecho Mena, 1st grade

  • Dillion Canady, 4th grade

  • Wayden Harrell, 4th grade

  • Kevin Infante Terrero, 1st grade

St. Pauls High School

  • Haziel Andrade Miguel, 9th grade

  • Dayana Ramos Irias, 9th grade

  • Jashon Carter, 9th grade

  • Gerardo Pinzon Hilario, 10th grade

  • Monserrat Estrada Gomez, 9th grade

St. Pauls Middle School

  • Cinthia Infante Terrero, 6th grade

  • Yamil Bautista Garcia, 7th grade

  • Tania Reyes Velazquez, 6th grade

  • Jamie Tetelcingo Hilario, 6th grade

  • Alexa Scott, 6th grade

Tanglewood Elementary School

  • Meredith Meggs, 2nd grade

  • Gage Moyses, 2nd grade

  • Noah Gaddy, 3rd grade

  • Andrew Cruz-Fuentes, 2nd grade

  • Marley Perry, 2nd grade

Townsend Elementary School

  • Rodriques Davis, 1st grade

  • Lyriq Everett, 2nd grade

  • Jace Maynard, 1st grade

  • Harmony Everett, 2nd grade

  • Daisy Chavez, 4th grade

Union Chapel Elementary School

  • Jace Bullard, 3rd grade

  • Jose Varona Gonzalez, 6th grade

  • James Morgan, 6th grade

  • Georgia Locklear, 3rd grade

  • Landon Campbell, 6th grade

Union Elementary School

  • Colton Jones, 1st grade

  • Layla Hunt, 1st grade

  • Jaxon Locklear, 3rd grade

  • Kadon Lowery, 3rd grade

  • Stephanie Hernandez-Darrow, 4th grade

W.H. Knuckles Elementary School

  • Karleigh Chavis, 3rd grade

  • Jhaxson Dale, 3rd grade

  • Cameron Scott, 3rd grade

  • Sophia Padilla Romero, 3rd grade

  • Easton Tuff, 3rd grade

“We are proud of our students’ diligence, mastery and participation. Classworks is a wonderful program we use to help our students learn and grow and to assist us in identifying how we can better support student learning and achievement,” said PSRC Superintendent Dr. Freddie Williamson.