What we're up to

We are actively involved in many activities that support student success.

Maybe you've heard of these committees.

Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports (PBIS) - A community with Responsible and Productive citizens isn't by chance.

Student Services Management Team (SSMT) -When students struggle, a team will look for ways to help them overcome.

Section 504 Case Management - I know it's not a glamorous title, but it refers to a policy that identifies students with "unique" medical needs.

Parental & Community Involvement Activities - I encourage parents to take an active role in their child's education. Our district, offers "Parent Night" forums. Our school hosts a variety of functions to bring parents, teachers, and students together.

Community involvement is a fun way to stay connected, and help our students succeed. You're missing out if you haven't experience these functions: St. Pauls Night Out Events, Paint the Town Pink, Hardee's Night, McDonald's Night, Taco Bell Night, Toys for Tots, Canned food drive for our local church and community center, Parent Night (Farmers Market), Town Hall meetings, and it seems like food is usually involved.

Individual Counseling & Classroom Guidance - We often help students that struggle with these things: Homelessness, divorce, death in the family, bullying, anger, suicidal thoughts, motivation, poor choices, team work, self-control, and low self-esteem just to name a few.

Transitions -It's a fancy way of saying that a student is expected to go through a change. Ex. Leaving elementary and going to middle school, Pre-K Registration, or enrolling new students.

Career - We can't stay in school forever. That's why we want our students to recognize the connection between academics, behaviors, and career options. Strong skills in reading, writing, math, technology, and science are important in the job market. That's why we host functions that gives kids a chance to see & talk with policemen, firemen, nurses, colleges, armed forces recruits, cosmetologists, social workers, teachers, cooks, EMT, and many others.

Safety is Important - We constantly talk with administration to ensure that students are safe throughout the day.