Map of Robeson

Robeson County was formed in 1787 from the adjacent County of Bladen. It was named in honor of Colonel Thomas Robeson, a soldier of the Revolution. Colonel Robeson was one of the leaders at the battle of Elizabethtown, which was fought in September 1781.

Located in the southeastern section of North Carolina, Robeson County is bounded by the State of South Carolina and the Counties of Bladen, Columbus, Cumberland, Hoke, and Scotland. The County is the largest in the State of North Carolina with a total area of approximately 949 square miles or 605,100 acres. Within Robeson County there are fifteen municipalities, the largest being the City of Lumberton, which serves as the County seat. The other municipalities include Fairmont, Lumber Bridge, Marietta, Maxton, McDonald, Orrum, Parkton, Pembroke, Proctorville, Raynham, Red Springs, Rennert, Rowland, and St. Pauls.

Robeson County is the largest county in the state of NC. As of 2010, the county has grown tremendously over the years from a small population of 5,356 in 1790 to 134,168; a significant increase from the 2000 census of 123,339. The County continues to be predominantly tri-racial-38.0 percent American Indian, 32.8 percent White and 25.1 percent Black. The remaining 4.1 percent represents Asian, Native Hawaiian, some other race or those reporting 2 or more races. Of the 134,168, 51.4 percent are females with 48.6 percent males. Persons of Hispanic and Latino origin represent 4.9 percent of the population or approximately 6,167 persons. Approximately 70 percent of the County's 134,168 population lives in a "rural residence designation" and 30 percent lives in an "urban residence designation." Robeson County's population size ranks it 19th out of 100 counties.

To educate its citizens, Robeson County is fortunate to have two institutions of higher education, a local community college: Robeson Community College and a four-year university: The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

The Public Schools of Robeson County (PSRC)is a county-wide public school system with some 23,000 students enrolled in our 36 schools. PSRC is one of the largest school systems in North Carolina. Such a large enrollment requires the services of approximately 2,100 certified employees including teachers, principals, assistant principals and counselors along with about 1,100 classified employees to serve our students. They make up a very dedicated staff.

Collaboration as well as partnerships with the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and Robeson Community College provides us with invaluable help. We are fortunate, also, to have the support of the business and industrial community who allow their employees to serve as mentors and counselors for our students helping them to make better career decisions. Local government, non-profit groups, agencies and parents have contributed to the progress we have enjoyed. Additionally, over 1,600 volunteers contributed over 48,000 hours of service to help education in our county during the past school year.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our students with the knowledge, skills, and attitude that will ensure each one is a strong student, a confident person, a responsible citizen, and a contributing member of our society. When all of us work together, we can make this happen.