Dear Staff, Students, Families, and Partners of the Public Schools of Robeson County,

On behalf of our school system, I am pleased to present our new five-year strategic plan.

The launch of the 2023-2028 strategic plan provides an exciting new chapter for the Public Schools of Robeson County. Our plan, titled "A Focus On Leadership," highlights our commitment to working together as a community of learners to overcome challenges and to equip all of our learners with the necessary skills, tools, and strategies to be successful and future-ready.

The plan reflects the engagement and feedback of our stakeholders and identifies the initiatives necessary to help the Public Schools of Robeson County move forward over the next five years.

It also represents our shared promise to our students to create the conditions for success that will prepare them to thrive in the community and around the world. This strategic plan includes our newly developed vision and mission, revised core values, and updated initiatives.

The plan serves as a roadmap for achieving our vision by using the Relay Graduate School of Education developed Leverage Leadership as our Turnaround Model to ensure an inclusive and supportive environment that provides authentic learning opportunities to address the readiness needs of our students.

At the heart of the plan is our mission, which is, in part, to ensure a student-focused learning environment that provides individualized support, so students are prepared for college, career, and life. We are making the vision and mission a reality, every day, in every classroom throughout the district.

This strategic plan is a significant first step of the many we plan to take together to continue to move our system forward. Success does not happen by accident.

Schools and districts do not become high-performing by chance. Having a strong school system requires our personal and collective commitment; therefore, the success of this strategic plan requires everyone's effort.

The plan helps everyone who interacts with this system play a role in student achievement. It will reinforce our expectations and metrics used to measure success and will propel our system to higher levels of performance.

We are excited about the future of the Public Schools of Robeson County, our community, and most importantly, the 21,500+ students who bring us their limitless potential daily.

We are honored to partner with you and the North Carolina Instructional Leadership Academy to make our 2023 - 2028 strategic plan a reality for all.


Freddie Williamson, Ed.D.

PSRC Superintendent