The primary goal of Business Services is to support all financial functions and reporting for the school system and to work cooperatively with the school district's staff to maximize available educational resources through efficient and effective utilization of funds.

Major services include: payroll; purchasing; accounting; accounts receivable; accounts payable, budget development and monitoring; state reporting; records management; reporting and compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations; management of employee and student insurance programs; employee benefits; monitoring funds of individual schools; and training of school accounting personnel.

Erica Setzer
Chief Finance Officer

910-272-5004 ext 3401

Hugh McIlwain
Assistant Director of Finance/Internal Affairs
910-272-5013 ext. 3402

Jada Todd
Federal Bookkeeper
(910) 272-5013 ext .3422

Valerie Bethea
Local Bookkeeper
(910) 272-5013 ext 3424

Tonya Collins
Capital Outlay/Worker's Comp.
(910) 272-5013 ext 3423

Regina Branch
State/IEA Bookkeeper
(910) 272-5013 ext 3421


Keisa Arnette
Schools & Child Nutrition
(910) 272-5013 ext 3411

Vanessa Hunt
Schools & Central Office
(910) 272-5013 ext 3414

Schools & Transportation
(910) 272-5013 ext 3412

Margie Herthel
Health Insurance / Disability
(910) 272-5013 ext 3415

Lisa Hunt
Salary Exceptions/Reports
(910) 272-5013 ext 3413

Angela McCormick
Benefits Clerk/Disability
(910) 671-6000 ext 3430