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The U.S. Department of Education's Teacher-to-Teacher Initiative conducted 14 successful workshops in cities across the country this past summer. The Initiative has now made materials from each of the workshop sessions available online.

PowerPoints and handouts from 107 workshop sessions are posted at: http://www.t2tweb.us/Workshops/Sessions.asp. Materials cover subjects such as reading, math, history, art and foreign language as well as topics like differentiating instruction and teaching students with limited English proficiency. These free materials are within the public domain and may be used widely, and we encourage teachers to share them with their colleagues.



A to Z Teacher Stuff

Search for lesson plans on a variety of topics.

A+ Math

Includes math games, handouts, and puzzles.

ABC Teach

Use the search function to find handouts on a variety of topics.

American Memory: Library of Congress

Find primary source material. Site has more than 7 million digital items from historical collections.

America's Library

This Library of Congress site lacks a search engine but has some valuable links.

Ask Eric

This federally funded site includes 2,000 lesson plans.

Ask Jeeves Kids

Ask a question and get links to child-safe Web pages selected by the Ask Jeeves staff.

Awesome Library

All sites included are reviewed and organized by topic.

BBC Online

The official site for a TV station in England. Contains many topics related to education.

Berit's Best Sites for Children

Use the search tool or click on the themes links for child-safe sites.

Blue Web'n

Search by subject, content area, or grade level.

CyberSleuth Kids

Search for child-friendly sites, lesson plans, or clip art.


Discovery Channel's site contains educational information for kids.

Education Place

Houghlin Mifflin's site doesn't have a search function but offers resources for educators, including a database of book activities.

Education Planet

All sites are reviewed by educators. Has a keyword search and subject listings.

Enchanted Learning

Scroll to the bottom to use the search function.


This site has links to fun activities.

Fact Monster

Find encyclopedia articles on your topic.


Search for online educational games.

How Stuff Works

Sites provides clear, concise descriptions on how stuff works.

Kids Click!

A search engine created with input from librarians. Click on links at the top of the page to search for sound or image files.

Kids Space

Stories and other works created by children.

Librarians' Index to the Internet

These resources have been reviewed and recommended by librarians.


Search the site for educational resources provided by the company's partner institutions.


Explore NASA's site for video and images relating to space.

Open Directory Project

Kids and Teens section of Open Directory Project's site. These sites are compiled by people concerned with child-safe resources.

PBS Online

PBS's site with sections for teachers and children.


Has copyright-free images on various topics.

Pro Teacher

Sites organized by a subject directory.


Search for educational games, activities and interactive quizzes.

Scholastic Teachers

Search by grade level or keyword. Includes information on books and authors.


Search for lesson plans aligned to the Show-Me Standards.

Surfing the Net with Kids

This site has safe links for students.

The Gateway to Education Materials

Search for curriculum units and lesson plans on this government-sponsored site.


Lessons submitted by students on a variety of topics. All submissions are reviewed.

Wired Kids

Search site by age group and/or category


Child-safe search engine covering a variety of topics.


Student Motivation To Learn


Review how the motivation to learn can be fostered in school. Find out how to help unmotivated students with attribution retraining.

Tools for Teaching: Motivating Students


This article lists key features that enhance student motivation. They include making students active participants in learning as they set achievable goals for themselves, giving students feedback as quickly as possible, and emphasizing mastery and learning rather than grades.

Seizing the Days: Engaging All Learners


K-12 teachers can learn new instructional skills as they study the science of learning and how the brain works. Create the conditions for your learners to find motivation within themselves.

Dimensions of Learning: Teacher's Manual


This overview challenges readers to rethink conventional views on such matters as student motivation and reward systems, and the relationship between thinking skills and content knowledge.

The Jigsaw Classroom


Visit the Jigsaw Classroom, a cooperative learning technique that claims to reduce racial conflict among school children, promote better learning, improve student motivation, and increase enjoyment of the learning experience.


RubiStar - a free tool to help teachers make quality rubrics.

Free Resources for Teachers from About.com

Discovery School's Puzzlemaker

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