To apply for the Public Schools of Robeson County Title I Pre-K Program, click "Title I Prek Application" below. Completely answer all questions and fill in all blanks on the application. Submit the completed application to the pre-k teacher at the public elementary school of your choice. Please write the name of a second school on the application in the event your first school choice is not available. Prior to the scheduled announced screening week, a Title I Pre-K teacher will call you to confirm a date and time your child will be screened for the program.

Please note that a "completed application" includes the following:

  • All questions answered on all pages of the application

  • An original birth certificate (a copy will be made by the staff and will return the original to you)

  • Immunization/shot record

  • Last four digits of the child's Social Security number

  • Income verification (check stub, tax form or W2)

Title I Pre-K Application