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Student transfer requests for the upcoming school year shall be accepted now for a short period of time. Transfer requests with incomplete mailing addresses will NOT be mailed and there may be a significant delay in notification. Completed/accurate applications, submitted before the deadline, will be the priority. (We ask that you not call to confirm receipt of online transfers.) 

Students who are granted a transfer approval and fail to enroll in a timely manner, or who accept a transfer approval and then disenroll from the school will have their approval revoked. Any transfer that is approved based upon false or misleading information will be declared void, and the transfer will be rescinded. 

Student transfers can be denied for the following reasons:

  •  Admission of the student would cause overcrowding of classes
  •  Admission of the student would cause the district to hire additional personnel
  • The student's prior attendance record
  • The student's prior conduct record
  • Other lawful reasons determined by the district

Note: In the absence of extenuating circumstances, late applications will not be processed.  For multiple students/siblings: a separate application form must be submitted for each student requesting a transfer. All requests shall be considered individually. There is no automatic approval of transfer requests for siblings. There is also no guarantee that requests for multiple siblings will be approved at the same time.  Questions regarding athletic eligibility can be addressed by contacting the requested school's athletic director or the PSRC Athletic Director. The county Athletic Director is Mr. Glenn Patterson and can be contacted via email at

2023-2024 Request for Student Transfer