Pathway to College as a Multilingual Learner event

My Pathway to College as a Multilingual Learner, our ML/EL program family and community engagement event that took place at the Student Center of Robeson Community College turned into a highly informative session for the parents of our Multilingual Learners in grades 9-12.  

Our special guests, College Foundation of North Carolina and College and Career Promise of our local Robeson Community College provided useful information to our families about early opportunities for our learners to begin paving their pathways to college. 

The highlight of the night was our multilingual newcomer's model and tri-fold poster presented to the audience.  Her dream is to become a vet and her aspiration was clearly explained through the following statement: " I want to help our animals because they also have feelings and they need to be cared for."  

Gabriela received special recognition for her talent, and for her hard work. Her model will be displayed at the PSRC Central Office ML/EL Program area for public appreciation.

Because of the relevance of the topics presented, this event will be held again during the 2023-2024 school academic year.  

Thanks to Mr. Sanchez and Mrs. Gudauaskas, both our ML/EL teachers at St. Pauls High School, for promoting these types of events with their multilingual families!