FAQs under a magnifying glass

Will principals, guidance counselors, school social workers, and all other support staff have training in CANVAS?

  • Summer Remote Learning PD was offered (ending August 15, 2020)
  • Principals will be provided a Canvas course: Remote Learning/Blended Learning for Administrators
  • Additional Courses will be offered in the Fall

Will we be required to make changes to IEPs for remote learning?

  • Follow accommodations that are suitable for online, such as extended time or read aloud but you do not change any accommodations that are not applicable such as preferential seating

How will we get 9th graders ready for remote learning when they have never utilized this process?

  • They should already be prepared for remote learning as they switched to remote learning in March.
  • A hotline will be available for questions.
  • Use a variety of teaching methods. Allow students to have choices.

What strategies increase student interaction?

  • Small group google meets 
  • Project based learning
  • Student-friendly virtual classrooms 
  • Discussions and Google Collaboration
  • Reduce distractions
  • Encourage participation using praise
  • Provide immediate feedback

How should you organize and pace your lessons?

  • Start with a bellringer
  • Chunk into small lessons.
  • Have a collaborative activity when available
  • Formative Assessment/Exit Ticket
  • Keep it Simple
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Choices and Options

How can you juggle multiple technologies?

  • Coursework will be inside the three learning management systems for ease of use. 

    • Grades 3-12 learning management system is Canvas
    • K-2 learning management system is Google Classroom
    • PK learning management system is SeeSa
  • The PSRC Digital Teaching and Learning team will be supporting the following technologies in the classroom:
    • GSuite for Education (Gmail, Google Meet, Google Classroom, Google Drive and Apps)
    • Remind 101 and/or Class Dojo
    • NCEdCloud (Canvas, PowerSchool/PowerTeacher Pro, Schoolnet)
    • PSRC Website, Social Media Outlets (Twitter and Facebook)
    • Mobile Apps: Canvas Parent/Teacher/Student, Google Meet, Google Classroom, PowerSchool Parent Portal
    • Hardware: Chromebook/Windows/Apple Laptops and iPads

How are we supporting parents navigating through the schedule and understanding our online platforms?

  • Navigating the schedule - the remote learning guide will provide teachers with expectations of communicating the schedule and flexibility.
  • Understanding - there will be a public access to the Canvas course: Digital Tools
  • YouTube Live and Google Meet opportunities for parents

What about manipulatives for the students?  Can we make little bags with materials from school that they will need?

  • There are also virtual manipulatives for math that can be added. 

Arts Education:

  • Looking at creating art material kits for at home use. 
  • School owned instruments (band & strings) checked out by students.

Will Freshman transition occur?

  • Freshman transition will be held virtually at each high school.

Will Ready textbooks and iReady be ordered this year?

  • Ready textbooks for mathematics and ELA will be ordered for all K-8 students.

Will K-2 have curriculum packets for the beginning of the year?

  • Yes, for the first 3 weeks. Schools will develop packets for the remaining weeks based on the PSRC Pacing Guide.

What will be the instructional times for elementary, middle and high school?

  • PreK-2: 1 Hour with short breaks
  • 3-5: 30 min per course with short breaks 
  • 6-8: 45 min per course with short breaks
  • 9-12: 1 hour per course with short breaks

Individual teacher schedules will be developed with the administration to reflect times to meet needs of our students and parents. 

Will each elementary resource teacher (art, music, PE) have a separate scheduled block to teach? If not, what will be the expectation for them when they are not scheduled to teach?

  • Yes, in collaboration with the school schedule and with each teacher of record.

What other resources will be given to students with packets?

  • Students will be given their Ready ELA and Math textbooks (K-8) as well as a chromebook if needed.Other packets/material may be available also such as art/science/math supplies.

How are the learning environments the same?

  • Rigorous core instruction will be provided on a daily basis and will align with grade level standards. 
  • Learning materials (ex - texts, tools, etc.) will be similar across the learning environments. iReady and Ready textbooks (Reading and Mathematics)
  • Grading expectations will be consistent across learning environments and will align with Board Policy. 
  • Students will receive appropriate support and services through the general education program, with consideration for special education Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs) and 504 plans. 
  • Academically & Intellectually Gifted (AIG), English as a Second Language (ESL) students, as well as students requiring interventions will also receive appropriate support. 
  • Students will receive appropriate support through Counseling and Student Services. 
  • In each learning environment, there will be an intentional focus on social emotional learning and building effective relationships and community to support strong learning outcomes.