PSRC Athletics COVID Guidelines

On August 2, 2021, the PSRC Board of Education approved the re-entry plan for the 2021-2022 school year. For athletics, the plan included:
* Covid screenings are no longer required
* Athletes and coaches are required to wear masks indoors while not participating (if an athlete is actively participating they do not have to wear a mask. If they are sitting on the sidelines they must wear a mask). This includes the weight room.
* Athletes and coaches are not required to wear a mask while outside
* Athletes and coaches are required to wear a mask while riding an activity bus 
* Athletes and coaches will follow PSRC protocol at away games also unless the host team has stricter guidelines
* Visiting teams to PSRC should follow PSRC guidelines unless the team follows stricter protocol
* AD's should notify visiting teams of PSRC protocol

NCHSAA Best Practices:
* Players should bring their own water bottles and towels. Bottles and towels should not be shared.
* Disinfect all fitness and sports equipment after each use.
* Coaches, officials and others should modify communication and avoid close, face to face communication.
* Consider workouts in groups/pods of individuals with the same group always working out together.
* Have all coaches, athletes and other participants sit 3 feet apart from each other.