Teachers participate in curriculum training

LUMBERTON – Public Schools of Robeson County educators shared words of excitement recently during training sessions for the district’s implementation of the EL Education K-8 Language Arts Curriculum this year.

Educators recently have engaged in informative, hands-on training sessions in preparation for the implementation of the EL Education Language Arts Curriculum.

“This training unpacks EL reading part by part. It lays out expectations, what’s included in the curriculum, and examples from teachers,” said Long Branch Elementary School Teacher Kelcey Callahan.

“EL Education training was very helpful in providing clear expectations and examples, as well as, expanding students' learning and creating quality work,” said Anastasia Locklear, a second grade teacher at Deep Branch Elementary School.

The new curriculum will offer students the opportunity to cultivate, sharpen and improve writing and literacy skills as they explore various cultures throughout the text.

“I love the EL Curriculum because I can see proof of how it moves the kids to higher levels of reading and writing while kids are being motivated to learn,” said Tonya Locklear-Rouben, a second grade teacher at Southside-Ashpole Elementary School.

Multiple educators commented on the curriculum’s content and how it will benefit both students and teachers.

“EL Education allows students and teachers to work alongside each other in a collaborative way while working towards mastery and performance-based assessments in order to gain strengths in their reading education,” said Stephanie Benson, who teaches at Piney Grove Elementary School.

LaDonna Locklear, a second grade teacher at Deep Branch Elementary, said the curriculum  “focuses not only on master skills, but it highlights character and high quality of work as well.”

“I like the fact that the curriculum is formatted in a way that if a child goes to another school on Day 36 they can pick up on Day 37 at another school within the county. That is great in my opinion,” said Crystal Bullard, a Union Elementary School educator.

Wesley Jacobs, a sixth grade ELA teacher at Union Chapel Elementary School stated, “The EL curriculum provides continuity and consistency through the grade levels, within a school, and across the district. It provides a detailed plan of action with the resources and skills outlined.”

Some educators also shared words of anticipation about using the new curriculum in their classrooms.

“I look forward to being able to study and prepare for my lesson instead of spending hours of time planning lessons and planning materials,” said Lori Chavis, who teaches at Parkton Elementary School.

Candance Foster, a Fairgrove Elementary educator, said she is “looking forward to using the new curriculum because of the structure.”

“EL is an awesome curriculum. Everything is laid out and self-explanatory,” said Lindsey Locklear, a Prospect Elementary School educator.

“Students will be engaged throughout the entire lessons, and held accountable for their learning. Our trainers did a fantastic job breaking down the curriculum for educators,” Locklear added.

For more information about EL Education, visit https://eleducation.org/.