LUMBERTON – As students continue their educational journeys this year, PSRC leaders are issuing guidelines related to the use of devices including Chromebooks and iPads and the new homework policy.

Students in grades 3-12 and PSRC Early College will take Chromebook devices home this school year to maximize learning. 

“The Public Schools of Robeson County is grateful that we can provide technology for all students which enables them to continue the digital learning experience at school and at home,” said Andrew Davis, Director of PSRC Curriculum and Instruction.

Students in pre-k, kindergarten and first grade, will use iPads, while second graders will use Chromebooks in the classroom. The Technology Devices (grades pre-k, kindergarten, first and second grades) will use devices at school only and are not to take devices home.

Students who have not returned their assigned Chromebook or iPad devices to school from the 2021-2022 school year will become a “Day User.” A student Day User will have a device to use while at school and will not be allowed to take devices home until the outstanding device is returned.

The Technology Responsible Use electronic form must be signed by parents so students can get access to devices. See the school site media coordinator for more information.

PSRC leaders ask that students take care of devices throughout the school year to sustain the longevity of their operation and impact across the district.

“Within the next several days as devices are checked out, we want to encourage students and parents that if they notice any issue in regards to the software or hardware of the device, to alert the school immediately so that any issues can be resolved,” Davis said.

“Our goal is to keep all devices in working order throughout the year, allowing us to equitably meet the needs of all our students,” he added.


In other matters, district leaders also have adopted a new homework policy that aligns with the implementation of the EL Education English Language Arts and Eureka Math Squared curriculums.

For grades 3-8, EL Education English Language Arts homework assignments are included in the student handbook. In addition, students are asked to read for homework.

Sometimes, specific selections are assigned. Other times, students are to complete research-reading from the text that they have selected that is related to the topic being studied. Students should spend 20 minutes per day reading outside of class.

In grades kindergarten through 2, it is suggested that teachers share the Unit Family Letter and have students complete a minimum of 20 minutes of reading each night. 

In regards to the Eureka Math Squared Curriculum, it is suggested to assign the practice problems for completion outside of class or use them in class if time remains after the lesson. Students will be referred to the Recap for support.