BT Multimedia Resources

BT Multimedia Resources

BAM! Radio Network
Today BAM Radio is the largest education radio network in the world offering programming from the nation's top education organizations and thought leaders and reaching a wide audience of people passionately committed to quality education.

Blogs on New Teachers
Edutopia.org and related social media inspire, inform and accelerate positive change in schools and districts by shining a spotlight on evidence-based strategies and best practices that improve learning and engagement for students.

The Teaching Channel
Teaching Channel is a video showcase -- on the Internet and TV -- of innovative and effective teaching practices in America's schools.Sarah Brown Wessling, an English teacher at Johnston High School in Johnston, Iowa, is the Teacher Laureate of the Teaching Channel, and a former National Teacher of the Year.

New Teacher Survival Guide: The Parent-Teacher Conference
Watch this conference to gain tips on successful parent communication.

New Teacher Survival Guide: Classroom Management
A new teacher uses 7 classroom management tips to change her classroom.

New Teacher Survival Guide: Planning
Watch a new teacher go step by step through planning a day's lesson.

New Teacher Survival Guide: Differentiating Instruction
Watch a new teacher's first attempt at a differentiated lesson.

New Teacher Survival Guide: Mentoring
A mentor and mentee apply six essential tips for new teacher support.

New Teacher Survival Guide: Technology in the Classroom
Watch a new teacher plan and execute a lesson improved by technology.

New Teacher Survival Guide: ADHD in the Classroom
Try these easy-to-use strategies to help students stay focused.

New Teacher Survival Guide: The Formal Observation
Learn key elements and helpful hints for a formal evaluation.


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