Coaching Model

Student Sessions

EOG Sessions

Determine Level 1 and Level 2 students of each grade level
How many scale scores to Level 3?

Reducing Test Anxiety

Practice test taking

Test-taking Skills

Organization Skills
Absentees-How this affects the learning process

On-line Student Learning Styles

Provide examples of learning strategies
Exposure to differing Teaching Styles

Faculty and Staff Sessions

Understanding how Teaching Styles Effect Students with Differing Learning Styles
Test-taking Relaxation Before and During Testing
Disaggregated Data: What Does It Mean?
Team Efforts Among Non-Testing (EOG) Teachers, Support Personnel and EOG Teachers

Parent Workshops

How to Grow A College Student

Review the registration process:

  1. Public Schools of Robeson County Career Development Education Plan
  2. 8th Grade Registration
  3. Decisions concerning:
    o High school course of study
    o Career Pathway Intention
    o Post-Secondary Plans
    o On-line inventories
    o Responsibilities of parents and students in pursuing education