At the district level the Public Schools of Robeson County agrees to oversee and implement programs, activities and procedures for family engagement, consistent with section 1116 of Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA). 

 The Public Schools of Robeson County School District shall:

  • Support Schools, School Personnel and Community Organizations in providing professional development for Family Engagement strategies.

  • Disseminate information on best practices focused on increasing Parent and Family Engagement.

  • Train staff on best practices focused on contacting, communicating and working with Parents/Guardians as partners in supporting Student success.

  • Ensure that information about family activities and meetings are provided to parents in a format and language they can understand (alternative formats will be provided upon request)

  •  Assist families in understanding:

    • state academic content standards

    • state academic achievement standards

    • state and local academic assessments

    • requirements of the Title I Program

    • how student progress is monitored and how working with educators can improve the achievement

  • Provide training and materials designed to encourage parental participation to improve student achievement, such as:

    • literacy workshops

    • technology training

  • Coordinate and integrate Family Engagement Programs with Early Childhood Education programs.

  • Offer meetings at a variety of times and conduct in-home conferences with parents who are unable to attend such conferences at school.

  • Establish a districtwide Parent Advisory Council

  • Ensure that funding allocated for Family Engagement is spent 100% on capacity building activities for parents and students of Robeson County.