The North Carolina General Assembly in its 2015 Appropriations Act has required that each LEA in North Carolina charge each eligible student a fee of up to $65.00 to take an approved course in Driver Education. This fee collection became law on July 1, 2015.

This $65.00 fee is due on or before the first day of your selected class. You may pay this fee at the school. After paying the fee, you should bring the receipt with you on the first day of class.


A Driving Eligibility Certificate (DEC) is a printed document that is issued by the school principal and/or the principal's designee. The Driving Eligibility Certificate certifies that the student is currently enrolled in school and has demonstrated adequate academic progress toward graduation. According to NCGS20-11(n1), some students are ineligible to receive a Driving Eligibility Certificate. Students expelled, suspended or placed in an alternative educational setting for more than ten (10) consecutive days for possessing or selling alcohol, illegal or controlled substances on school property; bringing, possessing or using a weapon or firearm on school property, pursuant to NCGS 115C-391 (d1); or assaulting any school personnel on school property are ineligible.

The Driving eligibility Certificate is valid for only thirty (30) days from the date of issue. An updated certificate is required after 30 days of receiving the first one. You must follow the same procedure when requesting the update as you did when you requested the first one. NOTE: Students must be 15 years old to receive this document. For processing, please allow up to five (5) school days to receive this certificate after your request is submitted to your school's main office.


You will receive a call from our BTW teacher to schedule your Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) training. If a student has taken and passed the classroom portion of Driver Education, and within a reasonable period of time has not been scheduled for BTW, please contact the Driver Edcuation Coordinator at your school. It's possible that the student's contact information (telephone number(s) and home address) may be incorrect and need to be updated. Also, the student may need to have a vision screening completed by the School Bus and Traffic Safety Division (SBTS) of the DMV.


As a courtesy, SBTS officers visit our classrooms to conduct vision screenings. If your child is absent that day, he or she will need to reschedule with the classroom teacher.

To view the latest copy of the NC DMV Handbook "in English" - Click on NC DMV Handbook-English

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