For the safety of all children, the following guidelines are maintained by the PSRC Early Childhood Program:

  • one adult to every nine children will be maintained at all times during the school day,
  • parents/guardians are responsible for picking up sick children immediately when called; therefore a working, emergency phone number must be available for your child at all times,
  • children must be escorted to the classroom by an adult (no exceptions),
  • late arrivals must sign in at the school's office, then escorted to the classroom by an adult,
  • parents must complete, sign, and return the appropriate medical form if medicine is to be administered at school,
  • parents must have their health care provider complete the appropriate forms on their child,
  • cuts and scrapes will be treated at school using only soap, water, and a bandage,
  • parents are encouraged to send only nutritious meals to school (see teacher for suggestions),
  • children are to spend time outside as part of their regular daily schedule (if child is well enough to attend school, then the child is well enough to go outside),
  • parents should send children to school dressed for the weather,
  • children will wash hands many times during the day to keep the environment free of germs,
  • parents should send two towels, small sheets, or other linen for use on the child's assigned cot during nap time (one to lie on and one for cover), and
  • parents should wash the linens weekly and return to the school the next school day.