Overview of Homebound Services/Responsibilities

Homebound instruction is designed to provide continuity of educational services between classrooms and homes for students whose medical needs interrupt consistent school attendance. If evidence verifies that he or she is unable to attend the public school as the result of physical or medical reasons, then the student may be eligible for homebound services.

  1. Accident Victims

  2. Surgery

  3. Other (Extended Illness)

  4. Pregnancy –Pregnancy is not considered a medical condition that meets eligibility criteria for homebound unless a licensed physician certifies that the student’s medical condition confines the student. Individual needs rather than blanket eligibility periods guide eligibility periods. If a student with pregnancy complications requests homebound services, students must complete the necessary forms as well as including the following information:

    • specific medical complications that confines the student to the home or hospital;

    • estimated delivery date;

    • estimated length of time that student will be confined to home. Pregnant girls should be responsible with their regular education teachers for academic assignments. If extenuating circumstances exists, as verified by the medical physician, homebound teachers will assist with academic assignments.

Note: Medical statement must be re-certified by the treating physician every six weeks for long-term students.