How Assessment Works When we say that Teaching Strategies GOLD® online is an authentic, ongoing, and observation-based assessment system, it means we

• observe your child during regular, everyday activities;
• document what we see and hear by taking notes, collecting samples of your child’s drawings and writing attempts, or taking photos, audio recordings, or video clips;
• exchange information with you to gain a more complete picture of what your child knows and can do;
• compare the information collected to research-based, widely held expectations for children of similar ages or grades; and
• use the information to plan experiences that support your child’s learning and meet individual needs, both at home and at school.

Observing What Children Do and Say The most authentic way to discover what children know and can do is to observe them as they participate in daily activities in the program. Like you, we observe children all the time. The observations we do for assessment are more intentional. We are watching and listening to gain information on specific aspects of their development and learning.

Keeping Track of What We See and Hear To ensure that we have a record of what we observe, we...

• keep written notes of what children do and say and date each note;
• collect samples of children’s work, such as drawings and writing;
• take photographs of children’s constructions or artwork or examples of how they are demonstrating a particular skill;
• sometimes capture a child’s actions on video or what a child says with an audio recording; and

• use checklists to note when children have demonstrated certain abilities, such as how a child throws and catches a ball or what letters a child can identify.