To apply for the Public Schools of Robeson County Title I Preschool Program, click "Prek Forms" on the web page, open the "Application", and print the two-page form. Completely answer all questions and fill in all blanks on the application. Submit the completed application to the preschool teacher at the public elementary school of your choice. Please write the name of a second school on the application in the event your first school choice is not available. Prior to the scheduled announced screening week, a Title I Preschool teacher will call you to confirm a date and time your child will be screened for the program.

Please note that a "completed application" includes the following:

  • All questions answered on front and back of application

  • An original birth certificate (a copy will be made by the staff and will return the original to you)

  • Immunization/shot record

  • Last four digits of the child's Social Security number

  • Income verification (check stub, tax form or W2)

All screenings will take place at the Southeastern Agricultural Center located on US Highway 74 south of Lumberton, North Carolina. To get to the Center, you may travel Interstate 95, Exit 13A, and follow the signs to the Center. Please register your child at Table 1 once you arrive, and be prepared to complete a "Parent Questionnaire" about your child.

Your child will be screened by a certified teacher using the Dial-4 assessment tool, and a certified speech therapist will conduct a brief assessment to determine speech/language needs. Preschool staff will be asking you to register your child(ren) ages 0 - 5 for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. This program provides free books mailed monthly to your child at his/her home address until the child reaches the age of 5 years.

The entire screening process usually takes one to two hours. Please make arrangements to be on-site during your child's appointed time. In approximately 2 to 3 weeks, once all children have been screened and data keyed to a spreadsheet, teachers will be able to let you know if your child is eligible for a Title I Preschool classroom in the Public Schools of Robeson County. If your child is not eligible for a classroom in the school system, other options such as being placed on a waiting list, attending Shining Stars, and eligibility in a North Carolina Preschool Classroom may be available to your child.