Giftedness is the manifestation of ability to learn well beyond the expected level of ones age mates. It can be discovered through outstanding student performance, high test scores, and observation. Other factors to be considered are variety in student interests and the students motivation to learn. (Click the link to view the hexagonal figure which illustrates these Multiple Indicators)

Students whose abilities are muted by unfavorable environmental or economic circumstances need to be actively sought.

The school level team responsible for AIG services is the AIG Site-based Team. This team works in concert with all staff to ensure that students needs match appropriate services. The following considerations should be given to the information used by the Site-based AIG Team:

  • Within any indicator, a single criterion may reveal a need for service; however, no single criterion can eliminate a student from consideration.

  • Information from any, and all, indicators may be used in matching students with appropriate service options.

  • Information used from each indicator should be directly related to the service option considered and specific indicators may be given priority for specific service options.