Social studies instruction in the Public Schools of Robeson County is based on the belief that all students should learn about the past to better live in the present, so as to prepare a brighter future for posterity. The social studies program seeks to develop productive citizens with wisdom and knowledge necessary to preserve rights, liberties, and democratic institutions. Through the social studies program,students learn to live and function in a constantly changing world. In addition, the social studies program continuously seeks to provide fertile ground for the development of intellectual promise, problem-solving, and learning of various skills and tools necessary to inquire and search for truth and understanding.

The Public Schools of Robeson County Social Studies Curriculum Guide, K-12,will serve as a guide or a road map for the teaching of social studies. In this curriculum guide, teachers will find objectives, strategies, and resources aligned to the Standard Course of Study.

During the 2018-19 academic year, social studies teachers from around the county came together to ensure that the teaching of social studies encompasses rigor and relevancy which will ultimately enhance an environment for our students to be well-informed decisions makers. The Personal Finance Literacy Goals are being integrated into the Public Schools of Robeson County's Social Studies Curriculum Guide. A copy of the Personal Finance Literacy for Elementary Education document is available for downloading at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction's website in the Social Studies section. Evaluation of primary and secondary sources along with the incorporation of literacy and writing will be a strong focus this year.

Andrew Davis Social Studies Supervisor, K-12

Public School Of Robeson County