Special Population Coordinators (SPCs)

The primary function of special populations coordination is to ensure that members of special populations receive services and job training.

Special services are provided for special populations to ensure equal access to recruitment, enrollment and placement activities. These supplementary services are essential to the successful participation of some disabled and disadvantaged students in career-technical education programs. Students with the greatest needs have top priority for services. Coordination with other service providers reduces the number of direct service contacts and the duplication of efforts. Being non-instructional personnel, Special Populations Coordinators have the major responsibilities for ensuring such coordination.

Coordination services begin with the identification of each member of special populations enrolled in the local education agency's career-technical education program. This approach allows the local education agency to meet the broad assurances of the law.

One such assurance, helping a student to enter a career-technical education program, enhances their chances of selecting an appropriate career pathway. Preparatory services are provided in the middle school or prior to a student's enrollment in a career-technical education program at high school. These services include, recruitment of potential career-technical education students, career guidance, vocational assessment, and monitoring.

After participation in the outreach and recruitment activities, each student's special needs are identified and coordinated to ensure success in completing their chosen course of study. Following the assessment process and career guidance, appropriate plans are developed.

The quality of a local career-technical education program is dependent upon its ability to meet the statewide core indicators of performance and/or local modifications.

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