Transportation Information Management System (TIMS)

In 1986, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) set in motion a plan to install a comprehensive computer-assisted school bus routing and scheduling system in all LEAs in North Carolina. This approach was completely unique in the field of computerized school bus routing.

In the fall 1985, NCSU-ITRE worked with the DPI in the preparation of a project definition report, documenting "the state-of-the-art in computerized school bus routing and scheduling in North Carolina." This report led to a request for proposals (RFP) for system consultants to work with the DPI and ITRE in the preparation of a comprehensive system design. In 1986, the design was incorporated into another RFP for software to become the heart of TIMS.

While no vendor could meet all of the extensive requirements of the RFP, DPI selected Education Logistics (Edulog) of Missoula, MT, as the software vendor, with the stipulation that program enhancements would be made to bring the software into compliance with the TIMS system specifications.

Since September 1, 1992, as required by the legislative mandate, all Leas have implemented the TIMS system.

TIMS is a project of the Department of Public Instruction and is implemented through the NCSU - Institute for Transportation Research and Education - Pupil Transportation Program, Raleigh, NC and UNC-Charlotte Urban Institute - Technical Services.

Questions about routing, please call the TIMS Department at 910-737-5255 or you can fax us at 910-618-5628.

Dwayne Black, TIMS Coordinator

910-671-6000 ext 1601

Renet McQueen, TIMS/Contract Transportation

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Paul Carmichael, TIMS Data Manager

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