Children in the Title I Pre-K Program who ride the bus to and from school are protected by special procedures. These procedures are for the protection of your child and are to be followed by the bus drivers, teachers, and parents/guardians.

These procedures are:

  • Children who ride the bus from home to school must have a parent or guardian wait with him/her at the bus stop until he/she is safely seated on the bus. The child will be seated at the front of the bus. Children will be walked to the classrooms by an adult.

  • Children who ride the bus from school to home must be greeted by a parent or guardian at the child's bus stop. If no parent/guardian is present, the child will be taken back to school and parents will be called.

  • A parent or guardian who drives or walks his/her child to school must take the child to the assigned area upon arrival. (See the school's policy.) A parent or guardian must pick up the child from the assigned area in the afternoon.

  • A parent or guardian shall sign a statement that the transportation procedures have been explained by the assigned school personnel.

  • All bus safety procedures as stated in the Title I Pre-K Parent Handbook, will be followed by all persons at all times.

  • Children are not allowed to carry medication on the bus. Parents/guardians must give any medications to be transported on the bus directly to the driver, and the driver will give it directly to the teacher.

  • Children in the early childhood preschool program are not allowed to participate in the before and after school care program unless the program is certified by the Division of Child Development, and a ratio of one adult for every nine 4-year-old preschool children.