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  • How Teachers Can Help Students Cope with Test Anxiety

    Ask students where their fear is coming from. Keep things in perspective. Prioritize classroom preparation efforts. Teach effective test-taking strategies. Focus on the positives. Empower students with simple strategies to reduce anxiety.


  • Creating a Safe Classroom Environment

    Creating a classroom that is organized and that is characterized by mutual respect makes it a lot easier to teach effectively, and one of the most important things teachers can do to promote learning is to create classroom environments where students feel safe.


  • School Culture and Climate

    School climate refers to the school's effects on students, including teaching practices; diversity; and the relationships among administrators, teachers, parents, and students. School culture refers to the way teachers and other staff members work together and the set of beliefs, values, and assumptions they share.


  • Why Social and Emotional Learning is Essential for Students

    Educators and community agencies serve students with different motivation for engaging in learning, behaving positively, and performing academically. Social and emotional learning(SEL) provides a foundation for safe and positive learning, and enhances students' ability to succeed in school, careers, and life.


  • Why the Blank Stare? Strategies for Visual Learners

    Gifted or not, the fact remains that 65 percent of the population consists of visual learners; therefore when teachers lecture, they are reaching less than half of the class. Students need learning strategies that accommodate their learning styles.