Intellectual characteristics which many gifted children openly demonstrate are the following:

  • Unusually large vocabulary for age

  • Ability to read earlier than most children

  • Greater comprehension of the subtleties of language

  • Ability to learn basic skills more quickly and with less practice

  • Wide range of interests

  • Highly developed curiosity and a limitless supply of questions

  • Interest in experimenting and doing things differently

  • Tendency to put ideas or things together in ways that are unusual

  • Ability to retain a great deal of information

  • Unusual sense of humor

Some populations of gifted children may require special attention in their identification and program services because they do not display the typical characteristics of giftedness. These populations include the gifted handicapped, the disadvantaged, the culturally different, and the very young. Efforts are made to include these children in the screening process for gifted services and to serve them appropriately.


Bright Learners

Knows the answers
Is interested
Is attentive
Has good ideas
Works hard
Answers the questions
Top group
Listens with interest
Learns with ease
6-8 repetitions
Understands ideas
Enjoys peers
Grasps the meaning
Completes assignments
Is receptive
Copies accurately
Enjoys school
Absorbs information
Good memorizer
Enjoys straightforward, sequential presentation
Is alert
Is pleased with own learning

Gifted Learners

Asks the questions
Is highly curious
Is mentally and physically involved
Has wild, silly ideas
Plays around, yet tests well
Discusses in detail, elaborates
Beyond the group
Shows strong feelings and opinions
Already knows
1-2 repetitions for mastery
Constructs abstractions
Prefers adults
Draws inferences
Initiates projects
Is intense
Creates a new design
Enjoys learning
Manipulates information
Good guesser
Thrives on complexity
Is keenly observant
Is highly self-critical

by Janice Szabos