Why Does the Five Star Rating Matter?

The early years of your child’s life are the most important. Having positive experiences and interactions at this time are crucial for their development. The more time that they spend learning and playing in a stable, nurturing environment during their early years will set the path for their lifelong development and behavior patterns into a good direction.

For these reasons, the NCDCDEE developed the rating system so that you and parents like you can make informed decisions about your child’s preschool or child care. A five star rating shows not only compliance with state regulations, but a commitment to quality child care and early development.

Health and Safety

Both of our preschools are visited annually to ensure that the program and facilities are in compliance with state child care regulations.

These inspections, maintained by the NCDCDEE, include health and safety regulations, as well as a sanitation report for which both our locations consistently receive “Superior” classifications.