The Homebound Program is a service provided for students who are unable to attend school due to illness/injury for longer than a (4) week period of time or more. The complete process and application can be viewed on the PSRC website. Applications are also available at local schools and can be accessed through the School Counselor via parent request. The goal of the program is to present instruction that is correlated to the regular school curriculum so that the student may return to the regular school setting without losing quality instructional time. Please note that there are priorities and responsibilities that must be adhered to in this particular service. If there are questions, please contact the School Counselor.




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Homebound Student:
 Any non-exceptional student that is confined for four (4) weeks or longer to a hospital/home for treatment or recuperation is eligible for this program. If students are identified with an exceptionality and need homebound services, please contact the Exceptional Children’s Department at the Central Office or the local school for information.Homebound instruction is designed to provide continuity of educational services when a student is confined for four weeks or longer due to medical reasons. Because of the many existing complex medical conditions and how medical conditions manifest, it is recognized that a definitive timeframe can not be consistently assigned for homebound services, still, it should be noted that that ‘temporary’ is based on the premise that instruction should take place in the school setting to the fullest extent possible.

Homebound Teacher: The homebound teacher provides home instruction in all curricular areas for pupils in grades K through 12 who are unable to attend regular classes without accommodations. In order for a student to be served in this program, it is necessary for a medical doctor or medical psychiatrist to state that the student will be absent from school for more than four (4) consecutive weeks. The development of each homebound pupil’s instructional program is a cooperative effort of the homebound teacher and the pupil’s regular teacher(s). Credit for the work shall be awarded when it is completed under the supervision of a licensed teacher, a person eligible to hold a North Carolina license, or other appropriately licensed professional employed by the local school board.

When the principal/school counselor has identified a student and the homebound personnel has received the appropriate medical documentation, homebound instructions may start immediately.