The types of contacts between the teachers and the parents/guardians shall include conferences, home visits, PTA or PTO, open house, telephone calls, messages in the forms of letters, notes and/or e-mails, and volunteering. If interpreters are needed for communication purposes, please feel free to bring one with you to the meeting.

Parents are invited to serve as chaperones for field trips as needed. The Title I Pre-K Program encourages parents/guardians to visit and volunteer in the classroom as often as possible. Parent participation in the education of the child is vital to the success of the child. We encourage all parents/guardians to get involved and stay involved in the education program at school and at home.


  • Get involved! Stay involved!

  • Be assertive!

  • Ask to see the child’s portfolio!

  • Ask for information on how your child interacts with other children and/or adults!

  • Ask for ways you can help your child at home!

  • Ask for information on how your child behaves!

  • Ask for ways you can help your child’s behavior!

  • Ask how you can help make the year successful for your child!