Lumber River United Way brings together people and resources to tackle complex issues and drive sustainable positive change.

LRUW unites individuals, nonprofits, businesses, and government partners to fight for the health, education, and financial stability of each and every person in every corner of Bladen, Hoke, and Robeson Counties.

LRUW's Mission

LRUW unites to create positive, lasting change for people in need. LRUW is a volunteer-driven organization dedicated to solving the most pressing health and human service needs by assisting people in Bladen, Hoke, and Robeson Counties.

LRUW works daily to achieve its vision and mission by focusing on the four foundations for building better lives: Health, Education, Financial Stability, and Basic Needs/Crisis Services.


  • Health: Securing access to healthcare and promoting health for families who are having trouble affording medication, visits with a provider, and home visits so that they can have a longer life span and live healthier lives.

  • Education: Preparing children so they can enter school ready to learn, develop critical social and academic skills, and get the support they need in school to graduate.

  • Financial Stability: Ensuring that all families have safe housing, healthy food, and quality childcare; that they have jobs that allow them to support themselves and their families; and that they have access to financial tools and coaching to help build a better future.

  • Basic Needs/Crisis Services: Partnering with numerous entities to ensure families in need during times of crisis are able to access services, programs, and initiatives for life's basic necessities.

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