Program Beliefs

  • Beliefs

    As teachers, we believe that:

    • children come first
    • children should feel safe and loved in a safe, healthy, learning environment
    • learning takes place in a developmentally appropriate setting
    • parents are the first and most important teachers
    • discipline should be handled appropriately and in a positive manner
    • students must be well supervised at all times
    • children should be in school unless they are sick
    • every child should be provided nutritious meals and snacks
    • everyone (parents, students, and teachers) deserve respect
    • the school, the family, and the home should work together to help the child be the best that he/she can be, and
    • through play, children will
      • learn how to get along with others,
      • solve problems,
      • work independently,
      • explore their world,
      • express themselves creatively, and
      • build self-confidence.